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Our Story

Maven Torch found its roots back in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA.

Before Maven Torch came to be, it all started as a company seeking to change the common torch lighter as we know them. Looking around, we noticed that all torch lighters seemed to look the same. Just like how everything around us in the world is ever changing, we decided that torch lighters deserve a modern refresh and we wanted to be a part of that. Our ultimate goal is to bring a more innovative twist to the designs of generic torches we see and spice them up with our own creative designs. We hope that these efforts will lead us to creating some of the dopest and modern day torch lighters in the game.  

Working closely with our own design team and constantly on the lookout on how to make torch lighters bigger and better, our knowledge in the industry has allowed us to crank our gears and take our efforts and brand to the next level. Beyond design and looks, we are always upgrading our process with strategic quality control so that they don’t just look cool but work great too!

Brought to the City of Angels, Maven Torch is constantly undergoing careful design and rigorous building process to make sure our products stay in the hands of our customers, for good.

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